The Band

Vicky Fysika

– Lead Vocals

Yiannis Katsaros

– Guitars

– Back Vocals

Miltos (MLT) Schimatariotis

– Synths

– Programming

Elias Goulas

– Drums

Culture Of Digital Elegance (C.O.D.E) has redefined the blending of electronic sounds with rock attitude and style. The band released their debut album “Culture Of Digital Elegance” in 2008. A year later, several of the tracks were remixed by Geedel and thus the birth of “4 On The Floor” EP came. In 2013, another five songs compiled the “Machine EP” and in 2015 the “Imperfect Love” single expanded their sound, with the addition of the new member Elias Goulas on drums. “No Excuses” introduces the bands upcoming album and sets the mood of what is yet to come. The album which is also going to be titled “No Excuses” will be the bands second full album release.