Imperfect Love

Perfect love can only exist in imperfect relationships…”

…said Vicky, the front woman of Culture Of Digital Elegance when she commented on the lyrical innuendo of the band’s new Single titled “Imperfect Love”.

The powerful yet elegantly romantic new tune has arrived to mark C.O.D.E’s reinvented sound, using live drums and bass for the first time.

Machine EP

Machine is a testament of C.O.D.E’s musical depth.  A string of exceptional singles that touch on simple aspects of human life but with the anxieties that come with them, C.O.D.E has embarked on a journey of musical expression so few have sought to try.

Culture Of Digital Elegance

The World meets Culture of Digital Elegance, or simply put, C.O.D.E .  It started early, the passion, the lyrics and the voice that resonates.

4 on th floor / Geedel Remixes

Alternative Rock meets the Dance Floor.  4 on the Floor is a tribute to C.O.D.E’s musical debut hit “Bliss”  from their first album entitled: Culture of Digital Elegance.  Through the sounds of Geedel a.k.a. Cydelix, C.O.D.E can be heard on all occasions.