Machine EP Press Release

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“Machine”, the new EP from one of Europe’s hottest electro rock bands, Culture of Digital Elegance, or simply known as C.O.D.E to their fans, (http://www.code-music.net) is a collection of singles bridging into a cohesive thematic movement. “It’s like a short reel that visualizes the trials and triumphs of who we are and about our personal relationships,” says the band’s founder, songwriter and guitarist John Katsaros. With skilful musical composition and an organic feel for contagious melodies, C.O.D.E‘s new EP release easily lands on the frequency as one of the most enjoyable releases in the alternative/electro rock genre.

Culture of Digital Elegance is the work of three highly talented Greek-born musicians who have found common ground by fusing their tastes into a collection of lyrically moving compositions with musically gripping sounds. The band draws on the 60s electro sound revolution, 90s synth pop and today’s electro indie rock influences.

Lead vocalist Vicky Fysika puts you right in the middle of each song with her emotional outpouring and sultry vocals.    Miltos Schimatariotis, the heartbeat of C.O.D.E, surrounds the emotional lyrics with his versatile instrumentation creating both intense and hypnotic beats. Make no mistake about it, this band is a mixture of old and new school fundamentals. C.O.D.E’s new EP release “Machine”, features perfectly, suited radio ready songs that will become a favourite in any music fan’s collection.

The strut-ridden rhythm of the EP’s single release “Machine” with its soul inspired bass and pulsing guitars touched off with an uplifting acoustic guitar is the ultimate introduction to this magnificent collection of work. “Dried”, an emotionally driven song woven in passionate lyrical melody and mood is guaranteed to have fans new and old singing along in complete submergence. “Come On” is a call to arms for all who need to remember as the song firmly says “give yourself a break”.

Softer sonic songs like “Adore Me” with brushing guitars and soft tasteful rhythms are balanced by more energetic compositions like “Waiting for the Sun” highlighting that this trio can move you in more ways than one. C.O.D.E hopes that their music will inspire their listeners’ imaginations. “Hear the poetry, feel the groove”.

C.O.D.E has the artistic imagination to blend sound into harmony and ‘Machine’ is surely set to make a lasting impression.

‘Machine’ is available on iTunes, and at other major online distribution outlets.