Perfect love can only exist in imperfect relationships…”

…said Vicky, the front woman of Culture Of Digital Elegance when she commented on the lyrical innuendo of the band’s new Single titled “Imperfect Love”.

The powerful yet elegantly romantic new tune has arrived to mark C.O.D.E’s reinvented sound, using live drums and bass for the first time.

We wrote a rock song and we wanted to get the feel right” said Yiannis, the band’s guitarist who was very happy to listen to his riffs being perfectly complemented by the dynamic playing of the band’s drummer and newest member Elias.

Miltos, normally responsible for programming the rhythm section, was also intrigued and challenged to try a more dynamic and livelier approach to the sound layering and synth lines, while maintaining the characteristic electronic signature of the band.

The new single comes as a follow up to Machine EP, the band’s previous release and expands their sound to another dimension.

Rock guitars riffs, addictive grooves, synth leads and passionate vocal melodies bring out the magic when listening to Imperfect Love and pin it up amongst the most refreshing and honest releases of the season.